Monday, August 15, 2011


Be a real MAN. Ride a Bike!

That’s what they say. But what do you do when you wanna ride a bike but have no money to buy one? Well you quite simply head out to FS choppers and obtain your FREE COPY of a HARDCORE RUGGED AND MANLY bike!

These bikes are fully customizable with HUD options which include resizing the bike, adjusting ride height and even adding in gears!You even get the option of a FLIGHT mode and a NITROUS MODE. ALL FOR FREE. Get Yours Today!!!


1. Bike- FREE at FS Choppers

2. Vest-FREE at Mascienwerk( no longer working)

3. Trousers-FREE at Mascienwerk(no longer working)

4. Glasses-FREE at Mascienwerk(no longer working)

FS Chopper