Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Free dress, free giftcard, and more...

Elsidya (I'm busy in my rl and that's why i won't be there until wenesday 31/08/2011.However i've found many clothes free today. Look !) Je t'adore S
Style 1 
Hair free : d!va (group gift/0L)
Skin free : belleza (group gift/ 250L)
Lipstick free : baiastice (group gift /0L)
Necklace and earrings not free N@N@
Style 2
Dress free Velvet (midmania board for members. 250 L to join the group..)... 
Hair "summer" not free : Truth
Pose not free ++Desire++
Style 3
Dress free :  Velvet (midmania board for members. 250 L to join the group..)... 
Style 4
Dress + stockings freebie (in a box on a table): rag dollz
shoes not free : ZC
Style 5
Dress bought at rag dollz    with the giftcard "199L" i won on the midmania board (the midmania board is next to the shop, outside)...
Lollipop free : HERE
Hair freed!va (lucky board for members / 0l )
Style 6
Hair free : HERE (until august 31)
Lipstick free baiastice (group gift /0L)
Skin free :Verve (group gift/0L)
Silver boot dollarbie : HERE
Dress "vinyl" free : HERE
Pose not free ++Desire++
Style 7
Top (from a dress) free: lucky board for member of shack (0L)
Pant free Boho hobo - suscribe (the owner give you also a box for your friend)
Stillettos free : prims&pixel
Necklace not free : League
Earrings 10L : oh la la (new release)
Pose in the second picture 10L of "style 7" : Platinium hunt at Di's opera