Sunday, March 9, 2014

A blond love....Un amour blond -udapted today (all the lms are here)

On Helhis :
 On Alexander : 
Hair/cheveux not free/non gratuit : Dura
Skin/peau "lieber" 0L @ Mr poet  -slurl(lucky board)
Bandage eyepatch 0L @ Freebie at/à The Forge -slurl
Cigaret + sweater + necklace/collier + top/haut 0L @ Jstyle - slurl (group gift/cadeau groupe)
Pant from outfit "urban fitz"/pantalon de l'ensemble "urban fitz" 1L : PKS hunt/chasse @ Pekas  -slurl


  1. SHOES /chaussures-color change 1L /no adress and tattoos????