Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Obscur désir .../ Dark desire...

Obscure Lamia 's world.../ Le monde obscur de Lamia...

On Helhis:

  • SKIN free : POUDRE , Lamia Obscure (make up on) pale tone, using Maitreya body mesh and POUDRE applier for it (see post before , gift 4 wonderful skins Poudre till 16 february)
  • HAIR free : ANALOG DOG , gift in the freeball : afro curl light red
  • TATTOO FRONT free: see "Back from india"  hunt J&J at ARISE store  (see precedent post)
  • JEWELL FRONT free : LUMAE gift: at With Love Fair 2015: Ruby & diamond heart headchain Blush,"With Love Fair"2015, open now
  • DRESS free: LAVAROCK creation group gift, Tribal heart dress
  • BRACELET free : at MIMI 'S CHOICE , CHOP ZUEY gift , Every Girls Bracelet fat pack, 3 amazing bracelets inside! a box on the ground.
  • RING free : at MIMI'S CHOICE, gift from TRES BEAU , Brushed jewells set (ensemble complet de bijoux)
  • NECKLACE free: FINESMITH gift group : Darklove necklace silver
  • SHOES free : FINESMITH group gift, in many colors! Candybird boots dark fuchsia