Monday, October 31, 2011

Two witches and two styles in white...Deux sorcières pour Halloween et une princesse...

**Two witches** Deux sorcières.Joyeux halloween sur sl!
English (français plus bas)
Free complete witch look (broomstick , shoes, hat, stockings, ao, dress, hair...) : HERE
Skin and lipstick already blogged.
L'habit, le balais, le chapeau, les cheveux, les collants et les chaussures de sorcière : cadeau  ICI
English   (français plus bas)  
 **** halloween make up Free Pididdle group gift (fee:  200 L )
Or you can buy that halloween make up 50 Lindens ...Hurry up, it's until today.
****Skin + eyebrows + eyes  not free  from *YS&YS*  at TDR
 (I don't know if the skin  is still available)
Maquillage pour halloween cadeau du groupe Piddidle (frais : 200L) 
ou payez 50 L pour l'avoir.
Peau + sourcils + yeux achetés à TDR
English (français plus bas)
Outfit + shoes 5 lindens at Eluzion
Hair Free : d!va group gift
Shape and skin free at poised (grab it today. After it won't be available!) -Lips not included
Habit de sorcière + chaussures + collants 5 lindens  à Eluzion
Cheveux :  cadeau du groupe  d!va
Shape + peau  : cadeau de poised 
***Pretty in white***Belle tout en blanc***
English (français plus bas)
Free dress from TWA (group gift)....
Free crown from Bubblez (lucky board...You must join  bubblez and wear the tag.)
                                                     Robe cadeau du groupe TWA 
Couronne gratuite à Bubblez (lucky board. Activez le groupe)
Cheveux cadeau du groupe Heart softens ( quelques lindens pour rejoindre le groupe)
***At left ***
Free hair and free dress : Heart softens (Group gift / pay a fee to join the group)
outfit  free  : Bubblez (group gift/0L) ..
Elsidya is also wearing the free top from heart softens group
Pose  not free :  glitterati..

***At right ***
Shoes from N-core (past group gift)
White pearl necklace set free from Jetcity
Dress free : Azul
Skin free : belleza (group gift/ 250L)
Lipstick free baiastice (group gift /0L)
Pose  not free :  glitterati..

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two married women...

****A married woman for Halloween***
                                                  Outfit and hair free from Emo-tions
Skin free from Filthy
   Stiletto not free :Here
****Another married woman***

Free hair and free dress : Heart softens (Group gift / pay a fee to join the group)
Skin free : belleza (group gift/ 250L)
Lipstick free baiastice (group gift /0L)
Pose "long hair" not free :  glitterati..
Nail not free from Mandala
Peacock   free style HERE

Bloody Carie 3 free style HERE

Saturday, October 29, 2011

So cute and so sexy (udapted..Blacklace correct slurl)

Lingerie + pose + pumpkin  freebie of blacklace
Skin free : al vulo ! (group gift)
Hair not free dura
Beret free : HERE (lucky board)
Hair 66 L : Elikatira until sunday (70%s off sale)
Outfit + stockings free : **Prism** Laura by Journey - Pumpkin 
Pose with pumpkin not freeOlive

Outfit + shoes + necklace + stockings - "Ginevra"- free  : freebie on board of *Ydea*
Hair not free : Dura
Pose free : Desire
Pose with autumn leaves not free : Olive

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cat is dreaming

Outfit free : Sassy (Pumpkin Prints Hunt)...
mouth piercing cross freeJD (inn hunt #12)
Necklace  free : JD (inn hunt #12)
Hair 66 L at elikatira 
Lips not free from Pekka atGSP
Skin  not free : AMD (name of the skin "catalina Peachy")

Pretty in pink and in halloween colors...(udapted)

**Dress + necklace + banges free : *Imagine* (lucky chair)
Hair free : D!va 
(lucky board prize/join the group and touch the board when you see your letter)
Boot 60 L only : 70 % off sale at Elikatira (until sunday)
Boot free at Baby monkey (lucky board prize)
Dress new release of Petit Chat 
Hair already blogged.
Evil nails Free : Finesmith
Necklace not free at N@N@  

Hair -Ema 2- free : d!va  (lucky board prize)
Necklace + bangles + halloween make up Free : Pididdle group gift (pay 200 L to join the group)
Dress new release*Favole*
Nails not free :mandala
LINE Boo Earrings   Free :  Line  (( 0L / subscribe) 

Dont't miss the diabolic woman style ! You'll see a great angel in red and in black.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Paris couture + 55 lindens thursday

Dress + gloves FreeParis Metro (Boo-tiful DIsaster Hunt)
Hair Free : D!va (group gift)
Evil nails FreeFinesmith
Necklace and earrings 55 L at N@N@ (55 lindens thursday)
Skin + eye brows + eyes  (under  100 L)  from *YS&YS*  at TDR 

Look of the Day for MEN....Tainted Designs BONUS

WOOHOOOO GUYSSS!!!! Guess what??I got the CREATOR OF TAINTED DESIGNS on board with me today! You got it right guys!
Yes it’s none other than Palerider Darkwatch herself here today with ME!
Check out the fabulous designs on her and me and head out to her store TODAY!!

DETAILS- Neal is wearing
1. Complete Outfit New Release at TAINTED(Not Free)
2. Name Tag-FREE with the outfit at TAINTED
DETAILS- Pale is wearing
1. Complete Outfit New Release at TAINTED (Not Free)
2. Name Tag-FREE with the outfit at TAINTED
3. Hair- PLOOM ( Not Free)

Diabolic woman...(udapted-petit chat slurl)

***Top and skirt Free : buy 0 L the pumpkin at Chandelle
 (you have to find more that 4 pumpkin and to buy them from 0 L to more than 0L)
***Hair likeli -fashion free gift :Inaya( group gift) 
***Blue eyes 30 L : Here
(You find the hair at the back of the store with the boots on board)
***Earrings Free : eluzion (suscribe gift)
***Necklace not Free : N@n@
Boot 10 L: HERE
Evil nails Free : Finesmith group gift
Loise skin Free :CH (group gift)
Outfit + Shoes free :BDR(group gift)
Skin free : Heart Softens (group gift/ pay a fee to join the group)
Eye lashes not free : anymore
Hair "webby hair" not free (100 L) : Chichickie
Lipstick not free : glamorize

Halloween make up dollarbie : HERE
Crystal eyes Freegift of Petit chat group
Poses with and without the coffin FreeGlitterati pose 
Heart Earrings a past freebie of Finesmith (suscribe)
Outfit + wings + bracelet + horns  + boot not free : BDR (new release)
Hair not free -Jolie : Truth

Loise skin Free :CH (group gift)
Dress freeBDR(group gift)


Hey guys, the well known fashion house of GIZZA have released theirOCTOBER GROUP GIFTS which includes among others not only a fabulousWINTER OUTFIT but also a HALLOWEEN TSHIRT.
Go get them and flaunt before everyone else does!
Style 1
1. Halloween T-Shirt – FREE at GIZZA(Group Gift,0L$ to join)
2. Skin- FREE at Belleza( Group Gift, 250L$ to join)
3.Pose- NOT FREE at Oracul AO(300L$)
Style 2
1. Complete Outfit – FREE at GIZZA(Group Gift,0L$ to join)
2. Skin- FREE at Belleza( Group Gift, 250L$ to join)
3.Pose- NOT FREE at Oracul AO(300L$)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Free lingerie..Lingerie gratuite

The lingerie + gloves + stockings FreeBlacklace (suscribe)
Lingerie + gants + collants  : cadeaux de l'inscription au " suscribe" à Blacklace
Eye Lashes free : Bare Sensual (group gift)...
Hair Free from : +*Heart Softens*+ (group gift/ pay a fee to join) ....
Earrings not free from Eluzion ....
Boucles d'oreilles ancien cadeau du suscribe d'Eluzion
Faux cils cadeau du groupe Bare Sensual 
Cheveux cadeau du groupe+*Heart Softens*+ (pour rejoindre le groupe, vous devez payer quelques lindens)
Lingerie free :Noon (a freebie of the store on the ground)
Lingerie gratuite à Noon  (cadeau de la boutique présent sur le sol)
Skin + lipstick already blogged.....Peau + rouge à lèvres déjà blogués
Outfit free from  Adiva (hunt) ...Shoes and hair not included and already blogged.
L'ensemble avec les collants sans les chaussures et les cheveux = cadeau de la chasse d'Adiva

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Adiva hunt ....Les trésors gratuits d' Adiva

English :  Hunt at Adiva  : Find pumpkins and when you see a pumpkin with your letter, take it. 
 Français : Chasse à Adiva   : Cherchez des pumpkins et quand vous voyez un pumpkin avec votre lettre prenez le .
You'll have qualities outfit and eye lashe (Look)..Vous aurez de très beaux vêtements et des faux cils  (regardez )

Pant is from Ydea (group gift/0L)  and the top is from Adiva hunt
Français : Pantalon non inclus(cadeau du groupe Ydea) -ce que vous trouvez c'est le haut jaune 

Yea ladies you have the lashes with the dress when you find the pumpkin with your letter.
Necklace and earrings included.
Français : Les faux cils sont gratuits.Le collier et les boucles d'oreilles sont aussi des cadeaux de la chasse assortis à la robe.

Not included :(version française plus bas)
Hair with ribbon from D!va (not free-new release)  and from
Hair red (Hat from adiva hunt) from Elikatira (88 L  collabor88)
Stiletto from N-Core :
Nail from Mandala

Skin free : belleza (group gift/ 250L)
Lipstick free baiastice (group gift /0L)
Gold Earrings not freeN@N@

Non inclus
Cheveux avec un joli ruban achetés à  D!va
Cheveux rouges : 88 L à collabor88 (attention le chapeau vient de Adiva hunt)
Chaussure à talons achetées à   N-Core :
Peau cadeau du groupe belleza (payez 250 L pour rejoindre le groupe)
Ongles achetés à  Mandala
Rouge à lèvres cadeau du groupe baiastice
Boucles d'oreilles en or achetées à N@N@

Sexy in black ! (a prisoner and a masked girl)

Dress and mask Free :  Zenith fashion (zombie popcorn hunt)
Stockings Free~PiNkMaReS HoUsE~ (group gift)
Skin FreeKoketka (Indian summer hunt,#14)
Bracelet Free :Nymph Couture (group gift)
Hair (Truth Tara) not free : Truth 

Elsidya  is wearing :
Dress + Shoes + head cage + shoes + stockings Free ~PiNkMaReS HoUsE~ ( midmania board)
Hair FreePloom (group gift)
Skin Free : Filthy (group gift / pay a fee to join)
Pose not Free :Glitterati long hair

Pale (the owner of tainted design) is wearing ( not Free)
Outfit new release :  Tainted 
Hair : Magika

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spider on girls !

Outfit Free : Here (midnight mania board/ You have to join ADN group gift)
Hair not Free : Catwa 
Skin not free : LAQ
Pose Free : Hanaya (Boo-tiful Disaster Hunt, #108)
Skin : LAQ

Outfit + shoes + bracelet + tattoo Free : Here (lucky chair prize/ You have to join ADN group gift)
Hair Free :  Alli&Ali  (join the group gift to have the free hair)
Pose Free : Hanaya ( "scary urban photo scene", Boo-tiful Disaster Hunt, #108)
Outfit Free : KisSy (group gift)
Boot Free : Nymph Couture (group gift)
 Necklace  Free : PM (hunt : TRPH, the runaway perfect hunt)
Hair (Truth Tara) not free : Truth 
Skin Free : Katsucide (zombie popcorn hunt) 
Gloves  not free : GSP (go at Acide store)