Sunday, July 31, 2011

Petit Chat's Festival (until monday midnight)

Hello, there's a festival at Petit Chat from today to monday midnight. When you wear the group tag you can get things for 1 linden/10 lindens....and there are beautifuls things for 10 lindens/1 L/ 15 L.  
First picture :
Dress "myosotis pack": 10 L from Petit Chat
Necklace free  from N @ N @group gift
Sandal from Pink Label (hunt : look for a rose and buy it 5 L)

Second picture
  i bought the outfit below 10 L with the group gift. The name is "Did it again". You have the corset / bangles / necklaces ...Follow the instructions on the note card to get the outfit for 10 L.

Third picture : The dress is a  dollarbie and it's called "Fleur des champs"

I love that dress ..Don't miss Petit Chat event ...

Free sexy female looks (silks/lingerie/plunging neckline)

Elsidya  's style
Hair :  Dura  group gift

Dress + bracelets "lillia tulip" : lucky chair at Destiny Fashion   (wear the group tag)
Necklace : lucky chair at Destiny Fashion  (name : "Mandy" )

Past freebie :
Belleza skin (To join Belleza ,pay 250 lindens and get quality free skin)
Not free :
Earrings : mandala earrings
Pose "headshot" by Glitterati
Free hair from Chichickie  (Midmania Board) / Outfit from Yasum group gift  / Free pose by D!va 
This one is also an outfit from Yasum group gift   (the feet is from sdesign. not free, you can find it at marketplace)
This outfit is also from Yasum group gift . The pose is a freebie from Pichanga
*******************************************************AND ANOTHER  STYLE UNDER :

leather jacket + belt +necklaces + tattoo + shoes  : Destiny Fashion group gift
Skin + Hair + hat : Zen greations here
Blood not free : "cuda bleeding prim tears" HERE
Pose "headshot" : glitterati

Vampire outfit for men and sexy dress for women !

Vampire outfit not free from AVID
Dress "Jador" from Mimi Choice (freebie in the store on board)
Shoes + bracelets from Destiny Fashion  (lucky chair prize. You have to wear the group tag)
Not free
Hair (Darcey) from Truth

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Free toga for men and women (Crete/Grece)

Find three toga for men and women at
Click on the pictures to enlarge
Heimd is wearing
+ a free toga at
+ a free pose from Pichanga ( Make him over hunt ) 
Hair : free from Chichickie
Toga and shoes : free at
Not free
Bracelets from league
Skin from Zen creation

Friday, July 29, 2011

Watching me (male/female's style)

Alexander :
Outfit :Legal Insanity (MHOH6-66)
Glasses :Mikavo  (Hunt - MHOH6)
Tennis : Jeepers ( MHOH6 - # 55)
Dress : Bleucerize group gift 
Hair :Lollipopz (freebie of the store)
Earrings (1 L) :*Ticky Tacky* 
Not free :
Shoes : 10 L HERE (you can modify the colour of the shoes)

Alexander :
Outfit :VeroModero (MHOH6-97)
Glasses :Mikavo  (Hunt - MHOH6)
Hat + hair : Amacci (MHOH6 - 99)
"Angie"Dress + hat : Low group gift bliss couture)
Hair :Lollipopz (freebie of the store)
Earrings (1 L) :*Ticky Tacky* 

ALLi- at left :
Outfit Gothicatz  (lucky chair)
Shape : Tellaq (midmania board)

Elsidya at right :
Dress  free from  Eterna , midmnaia board (Midmania board  change everyday)
Hair + skin not free from  Zen Creations
Pose from bebotes (1L at marketplace)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free sexy female looks (lucky chair/group gift/store's gift)

Outfit + shoes : Freebee- Checkered Baggy (store's gift.Touch the board and get your gift)
Skin : from Al Vulo group gift
Necklace : dance bar group gift
Hair : W&Y model hair 
10 lindens
Earrings : Finesmith 

Earrings : Crystal Line group gift
Dress + tattoo : CustomINKZ midmania board

(necklace : a gift of Alexander) 

FREE Dress   : CustomINKZ 2nd midmania board
10 lindens
Strappy sandal at marketplace

Hat+Outfit+hair FREE at LeluTKA (suscribe)
Earrings FREE at N@N@
(picture taken at Eterna fotostudio)

Outfit from Tainted Designs (group gift)
W&Y model hair
Necklace and bracelets (OO) Yuki Mico Skin Shop 

5 lindens
tennis of Koko at marketplace

Outfit and gloves free at Gothicatz (lucky chair prize)
Shoes "Suede" : freebie at LalaMoon

Not free
Necklace from League
Earrings from Mandala
Skin and hair from Zen Creation (for noob = free) link here
Pose "long hair " : GLITTERATI POSES

*************AND Outfit and sandals free from Donna group gift
(picture taken at Fotostudio)
(picture taken at Fotostudio)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A lucky man

(Click pictures to enlarge)

At left :
Glasses : Mikavo gift for the Make Him Over Hunt 6!
Green man plaid : Donna group gift
Pant : MHOH6 hunt (DragonLady's Closet)
At right :
Tshirt: Lucky board at Eterna
Short Cuff IxM brown Dec : Freebie at Eterna
Glasses : Mikavo gift for the Make Him Over Hunt 6 (MHOH6)!
Hair : A&A Eroo Hair Chocolate-Vanilla (Voting Gift)
Gloves : Tainted Designs (hunt-MHOH6)
Shoes : KIWI (MHOH6)

On me :
Outfit : Lucky chair -gothicatz
Sneakers: MJ Clubwear - Freebee- Checkered Baggy

Picture taken at Eterna fotostudio

On me :
Outfit, necklace and shoes "Sin red" : Tainted Designs - midmania board

Differents styles for woman (+avatars for noob)

ELSIDYA's style and things for noob

Outfit  + Necklace + Earrings + sandal + Tattoo eyeliner : ALB group gift (pay 250 L to join the group)
-Not free
Hair from Truth (name :"truth jolie")
Pose "Long hair" from Glitterati
Skin + eye from Zen Creations ...Elsidya is wearing Judith skin (Female avatars free for noob or pay 699 to get the full avatar...Watch under ...)

Free Female Avatars (shape/outfit/skin/shoes) for Noob under 2 weeks at  Zen Creations

......AND : 

Jewerly and shoes from ALB group gift

Not free 150 L
Dress from Ecarlate
Skin (Judith skin from Zen Creation)