Saturday, April 25, 2015

At the Fantasy Faire, run run^^ / Vite , allons à la Fantasy Faire!

On Helhis

  • SHAPE SKIN / CORPS PEAU not free : LUMAE at the FANTASY FAIRE, 50 % reduced, 100 % for cancer relay: Adore Epona Oracle make up , worn with LUMAE ears Leevi (medium size), shape Beth (see precedent post) and maitreya mesh body.
  • HAIR / CHEVEUX free: DUE at the WAYWARD HUNT : Pia (many huds ♥)
  • DRESS/ROBE free : DRESSED BY LEXI april gift : Irresistible (with appliers and broachs)
  • BRACELET 1 Ld : CPD (chaos panic and discorder!) triple moon bangles on Marcketplace
  • RING free : MEKA for the WAYWARD HUNT, roqse ring in black and white (hud color)
  • HEADS BAND SUN / TURBAN SOLEIL not free : PMS (pimp my sh!t) , GACHA , 35 lindens : rare : headband and necklace Sun Set , color hud 
  • CROWN VEIL / COURONNE VOILE not free : MUSE , Maiden of Tuatha white (including earrings, choker and gown attachment)
  • LUMINOUS COMPANIONS / COMPAGNONS LUMINEUX free : COLE'S CORNER, at the FANTASY FAIRE, when you enter in the little shop, on the wall on your left, up :))) thanks for this poetic gift (I wear "faerie wisp companion", and "Mana comet")
  • Pics taken at the FANTASY FAIRE , Ichi-go Ichi-e place

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