Thursday, July 16, 2015

Red fantasy / Rouge fantasy

On Helhis:

  • SHAPE SKIN / CORPS PEAU not free : NEW , special edition for the Genre event, very interesting price for this hight quality! : LUMAE , Jewel, Naamah dots make up. Worn on maitreya mesh body, Logo alex mesh head , omega system.
  • HAIR / CHEVEUX free : SAGE for the HAIR FAIR : T.I.U v2 Chocolate
  • DRESS /ROBE free : Aly adventure
  • SHOES /CHAUSSURES free: SHOENIQUE gift for sflo: kicki blacck pump
  • NECKLACE EARRINGS/ COLLIER BO free: Finesmith Amor'e
  • GLOVES / GANTS not free : correct price, at the Genre : ROAWENWOOD /  Demonian Spiked Glove in Black