Friday, August 7, 2020

Chained Elegance / Elégance Enchaînée

Helhis Styling Card ♥ :


  • SHAPE / FORME : ANOOSH, Adria Shape , look at her! It is an exceptional shape , unik and sensual face, with a ligh etnic touch, sublime in light and dark skin tones, I tryed both , perfect body, you will never feel like all the other avatars in SL! try it , j'adore♥@ clic here, on marketplace demo version 
  • BODY MESH / CORPS EN MESH :   TONIC Fine Beauty v7.0 BOM Ready!, a very beautiful body with a perfect hud , easy to use! j'adore ♥ I wear it with the TONIC Fine Beauty Bust Minimizer @ at TONIC store.
  • SKIN / PEAU NEW 7DEADLY, Halia Bom Skin, in Walnut tone, no makeup on the photo, delicious details in a very hight quality ! j'adore ♥@ at   Dubai event (July 20th - August 10th)
  • EYES / YEUX FREE AVI-GLAM, amazing group gift, named Twinkles eyes, they are very special with high details! j'adore à at store .
  • HAIR / CHEVEUX NEW WASABI , Addison Hair , in a blond tonality , very sensual hair in a perfect quality, j'adore♥@ at The Epiphany event (starting July 15 10 pm SLT.) 
  • NAILS / ONGLES : BUY ME , Glamorous Claws, glossy colors and sensual curves and lenght! perfect nails , j'adore ♥ @ on marketplace 
  • TATTOO / TATOUAGE NEW CAROL G, Hanna Tattoo, black color (existing in Henna and white colors), a wonderful Exclusive creation, @ at  Uber Event
  • NOSE CHAIN / CHAINE DE NEZ NEWGAEG, Dhanya Nose Chains , new jewell, perfect fitting with resize hud and a great choice for the metal pieces separately, j'adore♥, @ at store 
  • TOP / HAUT NEW TONIC , Fun In The Sun Halter, 8 fun fabrics and 16 versatile solids , to play with all your bottoms, j'adore♥ @ at this stunning event : The ITTY BITTY TITTY NEW event! ( opens 7 august to 21 august) 
  • PANTIES / SLIP FREE : CREMOSAS, it is a simple but beautiful group gift : black bikini .  
  • DIVERSION, Against all Odds poses, pose number 2,  full of life and great quality! j'adore♥  @ at The Liaison Collaborative 
More infos : GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face W001 - v1.7 - Mocap ,

Thanks to my amazing creators: 

Composed, pictured & posted by Helhis

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