Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Shared Desire / Désir Partagé

Helhis Styling Card ♥ :


  • MESH BODY / CORPS EN MESH : EBODY, Abar  - eBODY Classic v8.6 body, an sensual and very feminine body, with a easy hud to use, great nails and customizations, j'adore♥ (dont forget to take the free little box for Bom)@ at Ebody store 
  • FREE version @ at  The Free Dove Fashion store. too!! run run and try it:-) 
  • SKIN & SHAPE / PEAU & CORPS NEW : 7DEADLY,  BENTLIE [ GENUS head] (new) and , 7 Deadly s[K]ins - BENTLIE eyebrows [ GENUS ], 7DS] - BODY 2020 BENTLIE bom skin OAK, a marvelous and perfect face with a very sensual shape, so beautiful in this tone! j'adore♥ @ at The Spoonfull Of Sugar festival , charity event , till 20th september.
  • EYES / YEUX FREE NEW ARTE, a new amazing group gift called Dark Brow Eyes ! dont miss it ladies, you will have several great browns, deep and luminous , j'adore♥ @ at  ARTE store.
  • HAIR / CHEVEUX NEW EXILE , Jenna hair , stunning charm for these long wavy hair, styler hud and so many colors !!!  , this hair  with 3 chest fittings might be good  too for any men looking for a longer style !j'adore♥@ at Collabor88 for september 


  • NO makeup added, you can see the skin in her pure and simple beauty in the portrait photo


  • BRACELET FREE ROMAZIN, group gift Boni called , a very great quality and creative design for this multi range bracelet, color change for pearls and metal, j'adore♥ @ at ROMAZIN store, visite these treasures!


  • BODY LATEX NEW EBODY, Bagdad Catsuit Classic, fatpack for an amazing choice of color for the best seductive look !! j'adore♥ @ at EBODY store 

Thanks to my amazing creators: 

Composed, pictured & posted by Helhis 

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