Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Beauty Care Time / L' heure de soigner sa beauté

Helhis Styling Card ♥ :


  • HEAD & SKIN / TETE & PEAU   GAEG, Rachel #BoMGen Bento Head, SL neck standart,  great bento mesh head, only for Bom, layers (no appliers), sooo simple to use, and for about  half price of the other brands heads !!! Gaeg made a very beautiful collection of Bom skins for her, covering in one clic the head and the body, simple and fast, we dreamed it ♥ In your folder you will find a skin, a custom hud, shapes , brow, system eyes in 3 colors, makeup bom , a bento facial AO, amazing creation for you ladies!!// Skin / Peau (no makeup on ): GAEG Full Skins Rachel ST2 tone Brows Bom  @ at GAEG store 
  • MESH BODY / CORPS MESH : INITHIUM, Kupra Original bento BOM mesh body, a very sensual curvy body, with the right curves at the right places ! I m completely fan of it ♥ (see my album on my Flickr gallery )♥@INITHIUM store 
  • SHAPE / FORME NEW : HELHIS Shapes , Queen shape & Queen Brow , created for this new amazing Gaeg Rachel head, wearing Inithium Kupra Original body, she is a generous seductive and classy shape! @ in my market store, clic HERE , you will find other delicious shapes for Kupra, Kupra Kups, Maitreya / Petite,  Legacy, Tonic, Ebody and more.
  • EYES / YEUX :  GAEG  Ultimate Eyes 2.0 FREE , and GAEG addon to color and effect the eyes :  Ultimate Eyes Pack - EY22A Anima Mundi Pack A Ad, very mysterious and beautiful eyes, with an incredible choice to customize them!j'adore♥ @ Store  

  • MOLES / GRAINS DE BEAUTE :  IZZIE Store ,  Izzie's - Body Moles V2 , face and body ♥ @ at store 
  • NECKLACE & EARRINGS / COLLIER & BO :  ROMAZIN, Stella set, with a beautiful choice of colors by hud for metal and gems ♥ @ at  ROMAZIN store 
  • SUIT / SALOPETTE NEW  PHY KA, Selina Catsuit Silk kupra, very close to your curves, sensual in a brilliant texture with high details, avalable in a great leather version too, sublime with heels !! ♥ @ at  the Inithium Event 
  • HEELS / TALONS NEW : AUDREYSTYLE (AS) : Jenny Ankle boots v2 fatpack , sooo sexy shoes ! avalable in many beautifulcolors, ♥ @ at the Inithium Event  till 8th june
  • ON THE LEFT / SUR LA GAUCHE NEW : FANCY DECOR, Talon fatpack, includes bathroom sinks, mirrors, towells, hight details and stylished !♥ @ at The Liaison Collaborative event (end june 10th) 
  • ON THE RIGHT / SUR LA DROITE NEW : FAMOUS, La Joya set adult , 208 anims, 22 colors by hud, 2 chairs and the round table , ♥ @ at The Liaison Collaborative event (end june 10th) 

More Infos : Hair : Doux // Pose : Foxity (Me Time )// Rings : Yummy . 

Thanks to my amazing creators♥ :

Composed, pictured & posted by Helhis 


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