Wednesday, June 30, 2021

When Will you be Back ? / Quand Reviendras-tu?

Helhis Styling card ♥ 


  • HEAD MESH & SKIN / TETE EN MESH & PEAU NEW GAEG, Sakura #BoMGen Bento Head, a wonderful delicate flower as we all dreamed ! works with full skins, simple and so beautiful ! You will find a very lovely shape, brow shape, makeup and more in the folder of your head, a perfect hud to customize it : on my photo you see the lipsgloss, one of the  eyeliners that I tinted in black, the red points tattoos, and this sensual full skin Tone 8 : [GA.EG] Full Skins - Sakura - ST8 - Brows - BOM Skin (more tones at store )♥ @ at mainstore 
  • SHAPE / FORME : HELHIS Shapes , Chun Ti , created for this great Sakura Bento Bom head, wearing the Inithium Kupra Original Body, if you wear another body, you will need to make the head a little smaller, and modify a little your shape that is copy / mod. In the shape folder you have the brow shape, 2 photos, and a precise stylecard with all the LMs to do the look; @ at store and on Marketplace 
  • EYES / YEUX NEW : ARTE, Cat Eyes , incredible eyes to make you unic, a stunning palette of colors with high details ! ♥@ at @ Cosmopolitan , then after at store


  • EARRINGS / BO NEW VERSOIS ET MAILLOUX, VeM Papillon earrings , with a beautiful choice of wings colors, high details and quality : just perfect, delicate and so elegant ♥ @ at store
  • BODYSUIT / COMBINAISON  NEW : POSESION, Originals Elektra Bodysuit, very creative bodysuit, opened on the legs, with a very elegant top, in a great choice of modern colors ♥ @ at The Inithium event till the 10th july
  • HEELS / TALONS NEW :  VERSOIS ET MAILLOUX, VeM, Confidential heels, with a very beautiful variation of colors and textures, elegant, rafined and so sexy !!♥  @ at The Inithium event till the 10th july
More infos : Hair : No.Match / Mesh Body : Inithium Kupra Original 

Thanks to my amazing creator ♥


Composed, pictured & posted by Helhis 

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