Sunday, September 19, 2021

Perplexity / Perplexité

Helhis Styling Card ♥ :


  • SKIN / PEAU NEW : LERONSO,  Monifa skin for Lelutka Evo X [amber tone] B on the face, and the sooo sensual [LERONSO] Realistic body skin v4 [Amber tone] for Kupra on my body , just stunning quality and charm, I felt in love as for all the Leronso beauties!! ♥ @  at The Inithium event (18th sept till 8th october )
  • SHAPE / FORME NEW exclusive   HELHIS SHAPES, Fiery Shape & Brow , wearing Lelutka Briannon Evox head & Inithium Kupra Original body@  at The Inithium event  
  • MESH BODY / CORPS EN MESH : INITHIUM Kupra Original mesh body 
  • EYES / YEUX  NEW ARTE , Sweet Brown Eyes, great details and colors ♥@ at mainstore 
  • HAIR & HAIRBASE / CHEVEUX NEW :   LERONSO, Hairbase for Lelutka EvoX , Bun & Hairpin included  V7 , perfect and full of seduction hair, with a color change hud for your hairpin ♥ @ at  XXX ORIGINAL event 

  •  EYEMAKEUP & LIPSTICK  / OMBRE A PAUPIERS & ROUGE A LEVRES NEW :  SHINY STUFFS, Radiant Shimmers for the eyes, and KInda Cute HD lipstick for the lips, little treasures to show off your beauty, a magnifique palette of colors! @ at The Liaison Collaborative event 
  • NAILS / ONGLES NEW :  STUNNERORIGINALS, Undeniable Three set bento mesh nails (3 forms to choose) , very creative!♥ @ at The Inithium event  
  • EARRINGS / BO NEW : JADED, Eden Heart Hoop earrings, lovely to frame your face with a touch of fashion ♥@  at The Liaison Collaborative event 
  • BRACELETS NEW SIXX, Jelly bracelets, 4 parts to color, mix and match, fruity colors♥ @ at The Liaison Collaborative event 
  • BODYSUIT / BODY NEW :  APPETITE, Thot Bodysuit (kupra, kups, legacy, perky, lara, flat, petite, tonic fine & curvy , rebirth flat & normal,) an impressive fatpack, you can choose 34 colors for each texture, and 7 textures : thot, floral, gingham, sun pattern, oriental, plain, tartam  !!♥@ at The Itty Bitty Titty Committee event  
  • HEELS / TALONS NEW : CULT, Lamia kupra shoes, very creative and impressive pieces of fashion!♥ color change hud, @ at The Inithium event  
MORE INFOS : Head : Lelutka EvoX Briannon  // 

 Thanks to my amazing creators ♥ :

Composed, pictured & posted by Helhis 

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