Friday, December 31, 2021

He is Special / Il est Spécial

BRUCE by Helhis  Styling Card ♥ :


  • MESH HEAD / TETE EN MESH NEW : LELUTKA, Logan Evox 3.1 head, it was a FREE group gift before Christmas, I used the eyes and the hairbase included in the folder, amazing !♥ @ at store 
  • SHAPE / FORME PREVEW EXCLUSIVE  :  HELHIS SHAPES, BRUCE male  Shape & Brow shape  , for Lelutka Logan EvoX head & Kupra Kario body , the shape is copy mod. to adapt to your skin details :-), you will find 2 photos and all the stores and events LM to recreate the look ; it will be soon @ at the Inithium event for January round ( opens 18th january to 8 february)
  • MESH BODY / CORPS EN MESH NEW INITHIUM KARIO Original mesh male body, sooooo male a body!!♥ ♥@ at store and at the Inithium event 
  • SKIN / PEAU NEW : STRAY DOG, Marc skin for Lelutka, tone 04 Natural on face , was a wonderful FREE gift before Christmas, I wear it with Stray Dog - Signature Tone 04 -  LIGHT HAIR + TAN on body , I added all the tattoos and face scars (all is detailled in Bruce shape styling card, with photos closeup and mid, LMs )@ at store 
  • TOP AND PANT NEW : FAIDA, Oliver Top  & Patrick Pant , both for Kario (fit or flex) , very well choosen colors to mix, 7 colors for the pant,  separated for the bands, and 7 matching colors for the top, by hud !an alpha if you need  ♥ @ at the Inithium event till the 8th january (I noticed that you can wear this pant with the stunning L'Emporio&PL::*Cryptor*Boots-INITHIUM Kario)
POSE & PROPTS-T:. Photo Pose 317 Bento Pic , created by tommi Sygall

MORE INFOS  : Ears : ^^Swallow^^ // Nasal piercing FREE , ggift at Swallow store // all details (beard, hair, tattoos, scars, rings ) in BRUCE shape styling card. 

Thanks to my amazing creators ♥ :

Composed, pictured & posted by Helhis 

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