Saturday, January 22, 2022

A New Head for a New Life / Une Nouvelle Tête pour une Nouvelle Vie

THE NEW RELEASE from GAEG : Angela HD bento head !♥:

Helhis Styling Card ♥ : 


  • HEAD MESH / TETE EN MESH NEW ♥ : GAEG,  New release , the divine  Angela #HDGen Bento Head, very easy to wear, with great possibilities, I wear it on the Angela shape in the head folder Feet 25, I added the Eyeshadow Pearl Red, in folder too, and I applied with its hud these delicious freckles, lashes and brows come in your styling hud too!♥ See the Vendor photo for more infos @ at GAEG store
  • SKIN / PEAU :  GAEG, Full Skins - Angela  - ST2 - BOM Skin (Tone 2) very natural and fresh one! who could resist to this so stylished woman? hight quality , a delight! j'adore♥ @ at GAEG store
  • MESH BODY / CORPS MESH : INITHIUM Kupra Original mesh body ♥@ at store and at the Inithium event 
  • EYES / YEUX NEW AVI-GLAM, Magnetic Mesh eyes set , very intense beauty !♥ @ store 
  • HAIR / CHEVEUX NEW Only 50L!:  WASABI,  Star Hair, Roots pack, with bangs, young and beautiful hair♥ @ Cozyfest starting Jan. 14th. run run ladies! 


  • SEXY LINGERIE NEW : CRYBUNBUN, Utsukushi Ningyo outfit, very beautiful and sexy, in a high quality, color change hud for separated parts ♥ @ at the Inithium event for January round ( opens 18th january to 8 february
  • HIGH BOOTS / CUISSARDES NEW : LUAS, Reactive Boots, so creative ! I love this futurist and very detailed look! color change hud for separated parts ♥@ at the Inithium event for January round ( opens 18th january to 8 february) 
POSE NEW : LUANES WORLD My Sanctuary, a serie of 5 wonderful poses with mirored♥ @ at  The Liaison Collaborative event for january round

More infos : Rings by Yummy / 

Thanks to my amazing creators ♥:

Composed, pictured & posted by Helhis 

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