Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Street Food / Nourriture de Rue

Helhis Styling Card ♥


  • MESH HEAD / TETE EN MESH :  GAEG, Sakura #BoMGenX Bento Head, a wonderful delicate beauty as we all dreamed : Sakura head is now updated to the X Generation. you can wear the Bom Evox skins you like !! a perfect hud to customize it,  ♥ @ at mainstore 
  • MESH BODY / CORPS EN MESH NEW KALHENE ERIKA mesh body, update 3.4 this treasure is modify!♥, it is a natural, realistic & super versatile Mesh Body, Bento Fitted Mesh Body (Includes 3 bentoMesh Heads and female/transgender HD genitals),and a Mall landmark to a place with creators clothing this stunning body  ♥@ at Mainstore 
  • SKIN / PEAU  NEW :   7DEADLY Izara Bom complete skin , a very beautiful skin, I wear the delicate Sand tone, one of my favs ♥ @ at Mainstore 
  • SHAPE / FORME  NEW :    HELHIS Shapes , Lovesong Shape & Brow  ,  created for this amazing KALHENE Erika mesh body and the great GAEG Sakura Bento Bom head, your shape is copy / mod. In the shape folder you have the brow shape, 2 photos, and a precise stylecard with all the LMs to do the look; @ on Marcketplace, clic HERE
  • EYES / YEUX NEW :  AVI-GLAM, Piercing Eyes set , very mysterious beauty, I love the realism of these precious eyes !♥ @ at Alpha event, and at Mainstore after 
  • HAIR / CHEVEUX NEW :  WASABI, Poolside Hair, delicious and full of life, hairpins on / off and clor choice in your hud, styler hair options,  amazing textures and colors ♥ @ at  Kustom9 event, starting July 15th 
  • LIPSTICK / ROUGE A LEVRES NEW :   GAEG, Lucious lipstick 11 dark for evox , very sexy and lovely, amazing choice of colors ♥ @ in GA.EG Addon, GA.EG HD Addon, BOM SL UVs & BOM EVO X UVs , at mainstore 
  • BODY TATTOO :  CAROL GJungle arms, shins, leg, chest, stunning tattoos, with a chest Lion, perfect and so artistic work! ♥, @ at Mainstore 
  • DEFORMERS NEW  :  KALHENE ,Erika Bubble Bobs Morph v3.4 and Erika Petite Waist Morph v3.4 , very realistic and sexy!♥@ at Mainstore  
  • EARRING / BOUCLE D OREILLE NEW : FandM, (F&M)Soul Words Earrings , unic single earring, with different textes and book colors , adorable!!♥ @ at The Liaison Collaborative  for july round (necklace for men)
  •  RINGS / BAGUES NEW RISE DESIGN, Owen Unisex Rings, really taking breath creation for medieval fantasy, you can change metal and stones colors by hud ♥ @ at The Liaison Collaborative  for july round (necklace for men)
  • CORSET DRESS & THONG / ROBE CORSET & SLIP NEW : KALHENE, Erika Lili Corset dress Bubble Bobs & Petite Waist, very sexy, transparency and colors choice by hud ! j'adore♥ @ at Tres Chic event!
DECOR NEW : H&R , HandR creation, Urban Street Food V2, amazing details and quality decor !♥ @ at The Liaison Collaborative  for july round

More info : using Lelutka Axis hud face for the photo 

Thanks to my amazing creators ♥:

 Composed, pictured & posted by Helhis

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