Sunday, May 14, 2023

LOOK A23 (Inithium event May opening)



  • HEAD / lel EvoX Avalon 
  • MESH BODY NEW  :  INITHIUM Khara mesh body, a stunning athletic body ♥@ at the Mainstore 
  • SHAPE / FORME NEW EXCLUSIVE  HELHIS SHAPES, RUBIE Shape and Brow shape, created for the most beautiful effect with this body and Lelutka Avalon head ♥ @   at The Inithium event from 13 to the 30th May
  • SKIN / PEAU :  LERONSO, Herieth skin for Lelutka EVO X [Almond tone]on face , and NEW [LERONSO] Realistic body skin v1 Khara [Almond] on the body ♥ , @ at The Inithium event from 13 to the 30th May
  • EYES / YEUX NEW :   AVI-GLAM, Energy Eyes, very detailled eyes in great deep colors!♥@ at TMD event then @ at  Mainstore
  • HAIR / CHEVEUX NEW :  EXILE, Shauna hair, with a stunning palette of colors and a styler hud ♥ @ at C88 event 
  • NO MAKEUP photo 
  • ARMS TATTOO / TATOUAGE BRAS NEW :  CAROL G, Ela Arms tattoo, sold with a top, in several colors and intensity, 2 weeks at 60 LD promo, and 220 after ♥ @ at Mainstore , dont miss it ladies!
  • NECKLACE / COLLIER : SIGMA, Elven Necklace (unskinned one), incredible quality and delicatness! great choice of colors by hud for ribbon and metal, I love it on my Khara body !!♥ @ at Mainstore 
  • LINGERIE UPDATE NEW :  FAIDA, Paige Khara Petite lingerie, so delicious ! I felt in love for the delicate sensuality and the perfect fitting! I want it for all my bodies!♥ a lovely choice of colors !@ at The Inithium event from 13 to the 30th May, at store fater .
Thanks to my amazing creators ♥ :

 Composed, pictured & posted by Helhis

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