Saturday, August 6, 2011

Free bikini, Free outfit,Free lingerie and others

You must have that Free bikini ! (Pose by Calael)
Hair  "OC* Summer" 1 L from Mimi Choice  (it's on one board)
Bikini FREE from Miss Darcy (touch the board and keep your gift. You don't have to join a group)
Jewerly FREE and under 20 L LOOK HERE
                                                    Style n°1
Hair Free HERE (you have an avatar and free hairs)
Lingerie"Requiem"Free from midmania Board  HERE
Earrings "black square "under 20 lindens Glamorize
Skin Free from 2ndhub (Elsidya is wearing "fair") : HERE for more
                                                  Style 2
Dress + necklace + bag FREE from adiva suscribe-o-matic
Shoes  past freebie (past midmania at Tainted Design)
Bracelets  Not FREE from League
Hair "Truth Eden" not FREE from Truth
Style 3
Dress FREE from adiva  group gift (Pay 250 L to join)
Earrings from N@N@not FREE
Style 4
Outfit " Hula skirt" FREE HERE from the nature's hunt tropical night "NTHTN"  (find a pineapple and buy it 0 L at Aniri's boutique
Skin from 2ndhub (Elsidya is wearing "bronze" )
Style 5*Disco
Pose with balls FREE from Glitterati group gift (you have 4 poses) (Pay a FEE to join the group and take your gifts in notices)
Outfit + shoes + gloves "Girly Biker"+  piercings FREE from ADN (midmania board)
Hair "Truth Claudia" not FREE from Truth