Sunday, August 7, 2011

Free neko, Free dress and others (Elsidya and Floutee's style)

****Elsidya's Style**** 
                                                Style n°1
Hair Free at
Skin Free from Belleza group gift (name of the skin "Melissa Med group gift")
Lip gloss  "deep red" not Free from Pinkie (very cheap)
Neko + shoes Free from B.D.R group gift (name  innovation "lilac"..This is also a new release that you can find in other colors)
Hoops earrings "pink" Free from Mu::shi (Lucky chair prize)
Pose free from Glitterati group gift(there is a Fee to join the group)        
    Style 2 ( the outfit in another color  -not free at  B.D.R)                                     
As you can see, you can wear the outfit  in differents ways like the one you'll receive from the group gift. The pose is not free from Lo*momo and the  hair is Free from DamselflyOn my lip, "soft red" , a gloss by  Pinkie (not free)
Style 3
  • outfit + shoes + necklace + bracelets + bleeding heart pasties 
  • was Free from Tainted design (midmania board...the name of the outfit is "heartbreaker"..The midmania of Tainted change every day)
  • Earrings free from Eluzion suscribe-o-matic
  • Hair not free from Damselfly
  • Pose not free Lo*momo and ball of disco from Glitterati

****Floutee'S   STYLE****
Buy for 10 lindens outfit at Cilian's Gel (you can wear them in differents ways)...You must have them. Boots free from The wild one hunt at Deceiv  (TWOH #24)
      I- Got Dusk :
1°)Floutee wears the dress and the gloves
2°)  she wears the formal dress 
3°) Now you have a top and a short :
II-  Got Dream
1°) A dress and wings 
2°) A top and a short
III- Bouquet of heart
1°)  A top and a skirt :
2°) A formal dress
And get the top and skirt BELOW FREE at cilian's gel (Buy 0L the bag on the table)