Monday, January 25, 2021

Attractive Mischief / Attirante Malice

Helhis Styling card♥ 

  • MESH HEAD /TETE EN MESH : ANIMA - LOLITA Head 1.01 HD HQ, includes eyes  , a new beauty in SL, for this new store ! She is a very special beauty, be different ♥! Eyeliner and lashes  are  in the head hud @ at ANIMA store
  • SKIN / PEAU NEW  7 DEADLY SKINS,  Vinx skin,  Lights pack, Sand tone (Bom), it is a gorgeous skin, as well on this adorable face as on this very detailed body ! j'adore♥ @ at   The Obsessive Bom Festival new Event (By Anxious events), 20th january to 10th february, at 7deadly store after 
  • SHAPE / FORME NEW : HELHIS Shapes, Malice Shape, is created for this Lolita head, wearing maitreya Lara body, very careful work to show a lovely sensual beauty on the face and body, this beautiful look can be different if you dont use this Deadly great skin, ask me in world if question, in the folder  / dans le paquet : photos, shape modifiable, brow shape modifiable, styling card @on market clic here 
  • EYELINER & LASHES : included in the Lolita Head hud 
  • LIPSTICK / ROUGE A LEVRES NEW : JUMO, Layla Lips 005, brilliant glossy and precise makeup! j'adore♥ a lovely choice of colors! @ at  ANIMA store
  • BODY CHAIN / CHAINE DE CORPS NEW Gacha  DRUNKEN BROKKR  (DB) , Herza body chain, a very delicate jewel, with a large palette of colors and a great metal design, so sexy,  j'adore♥ @ at  The Liaison Collaborative event, january 18 to february 10 
  • TOP & PANTIES / HAUT ET STRING NEW PURE POISON, Monique Lingerie , it is a very sexy outfit, you can strip the top with a hud / on peut ouvrir , déhabiller le haut par un hud, a beautiful choice of colors ! j'adore♥ It was at the Itty Bitty Titty Committee event, round closed now, it will be  at Pure Poison store as soon as back from the event 
  • MIDDLE PHOTO POSE / POSE DE LA PHOTO DEBOUT NEW : AN LAR, Kimberly Serie , I choosed the Four one, natural and well composed pose! j'adore♥ @ at at  The Liaison Collaborative event, january 18 to february 10 
More infos :
 BODY : Maitreya Lara
EARS : Swallow 
HAIR : Doux 

Thanks to my amazing creators♥ :

Composed, pictured & posted by Helhis 


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