Sunday, January 17, 2021

Galadrielle The Elf / Galadrielle l'Elfe

Helhis Styling Card ♥ :

  •  MESH HEAD / TETE EN MESH NEWANIMA - LOLITA Head 1.01 HD HQ, includes eyes  , a new beauty in SL, for this new store ! She is a very special beauty, be different ♥! Eyeliner is in the head hud @ at ANIMA store
  • SHAPE / FORME NEW : HELHIS Shapes , Galadrielle shape & Galadrielle brow shape , created for 7deadly Anemone skin & Anima Lolita Head, with Maitreya Lara body, just for you ladies !@ on market store 
  • SKIN / PEAU NEW  7 DEADLY SKINS,  Anemone skin Bom (face & body), Cotton Candy tone, a very lovely skin in this delicate tone that I adore!♥@ at VANITY event -> January 4th -  25th
  • EYES / YEUX NEW GACHA  :  AVI-GLAM, Vitality Eyes , a stunning palette of colors, luminous and very creative! I wear the RARE n° 18 : Albinism Pack, stunning! j'adore♥ go play :)))@ at the Epiphany event for january, at store after .
  • FLOWERS WREATH / COURONNE DE FLEURS :  LODE, Philadelphus wreath (white), always the best quality in sl, a great design ! j'adore♥ @ at store 
  • OUTFIT 1 / TENUE 1, LONG DRESS / ROBE LONGUE NEW  BELLE EPOQUE, Elin dress, white color and Elin gloves , a very elegant and sexy dress, following your curves with sensuality :) j'adore♥ @ at the Itty Bitty Titty Committee event  for january 
  • OUTFIT 2 / TENUE 2, LINGERIE NEW : MAAI Meera Bra, panties, corset, stockings fatpack, 12 colors for each part , alpha / mask modes, hide show modes, a very well done lingerie, sexy and rafined ! I love it and the wonderful choice of colors, metal gold or silver, a must buy ! j'adore♥ @ at the Itty Bitty Titty Committee event  for january 
More infos :
Body : Maitreya Lara mesh body & addon Petite 
Ears : Swallow

Thanks to my amazing creators ♥: 

Composed, pictured  &posted by Helhis 


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