Thursday, April 22, 2021

Purple Flowering / Floraison Parme

Helhis Styling card ♥ :

As I present to you the most possible new creations of 2 of my fav events : The Inithium new event, and the Liaison Collaborative event, I ll not be able to make long comments on each one, but I choosed all because I love them for their very high quality and creativity !


  • MESH BODY / CORPS EN MESH 25 % off at the event ♥ : INITHIUM, Kupra Kups bento BOM mesh body, a very sensual curvy body, with the right curves at the right places ! I m completely fan of it ♥ (see my Kups album on my Flickr gallery )@ at The Inithium event, first opening!♥ ( 18th april  to 10th may) Be patient if it is full, but dont miss this incredible event ladies! 
  • SKIN / PEAU NEW : GLOOM, Tergrid skin, Ivory Tone  Small Chest Chubby Bom, and Gloom. - Body Blush - Pink all @ at The Inithium event, first opening!♥ ( 18th april  to 10th may)
  • SHAPE / FORME NEW EXCLUSIVE :  HELHIS SHAPES, Melusine Shape, created for Lelutka Avalon head, perfect fitting with Gloom Tergrid skin , Inithium Kupra Kups body, sensual and elegant shape, with brow shape, 2 photos, and a precise styling card with direct LM to the different stores  ! @ at The Inithium Event, our Helhis Shapes  has a surprise there for you :-) Here is my marcketplace store for more choice.
  • EYES / YEUX NEW: GLOOM, Galaxy collection, Neptune mesh eyes @ at The Inithium event
More infos :

Hair : Doux  / Eyeliner : Goreglam

Thanks to my amazing creators ♥ :

Composed, pictured & posted by Helhis 

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