Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunny woman and gothic woman (free/cheap style)

Sunny girl (Elsidya's style)

Style n°1 (more under the picture)
Green top from Sassy's group 
Hair from magika at hair fair's style (already blogged)
Not free 
Necklace and bracelets from Miel
Feet from sdesign barefeet at marketplace
 skirt not free from Sassy / necklace and bracelets not free from Miel
Style n°2 (more under the picture)
Stiletto from mayden's couture group

Top from UPS! 
Skirt from UPS! 

Under 50 lindens
Flower in head already blogged

Others  not free :
Hair from truth
Necklace and earrings not free from N@N@  (but look at one of the gift of N@N@ group gift on the bohemian woman free style)
Nails from sdesign's barefeet found at marketplace

Gothic girl  ( Floutee's style )

Zombie hair from Rotten Toe (group gift / 15 L to join the group)
RT urban bracelets from Rotten Toe(group gift / 15 L to join the group)
Outfit from midmania board at .:Furore:.

Nails from studio nails  (skull-N-Bones hunt . Find a hidden treasure chest)

Under 20 lindens
Earrings SS Chrysalis black diamond earring (found at marketplace)
Necklace Rockn'rose  necklas ribbon pearls (found at marketplace)
Skin (10 lindens at Urban girl)
Stappy sandal (10 lindens at marketplace)
Another one :

Wendy Hair from  BishWear(buy the demo – 0 Linden-  and get a free hair)
Skin from Censored (lucky board..Touch the board when you see your letter and keep your gift)

10 Lindens
Nikita bangles black and silver
Tennis  from Koko at marketplace

And Free Hair

Picture n°1
Free Hair from Rotten Toe group gift
(pay 15 lindens to join the group, wear the tag, touch one of the gifts and take your gift)

Picture n°2
Free Hair "Zoe hair-black" 
from  Rotten Toe  (lucky chair's prize...When you see your letter, sit down on the chair and keep your gift)
 10 lindens at Urban girl

The poses of Floutee are from Calael poses (10 poses for 10 lindens at marketplace)