Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sexy women ...(free and cheap style)


Black dress from  yesss!  
Skin from mystique group gift 
Hair from felicia at   marketplace 
Bracelets free from rotten toe group gift (pay 15L to joint he group. Already blogged)
Silver earrings at marketplace

Boot at marketplace from Patula

Under 30 lindens
**Pearl necklace and pearl bracelets  at suispetit
**Calael pose (10 poses for ten lindens..already blogged)

**Hair from  Raw HouseSeasons Hunt (look for a shark and pay 0 linden to get your gift)
**Jewelry set :  free from Crystal Line group gift
**Blue dress a gift from Jazmyn D  (a gift from the store)
**Shoes from Koko group gift

10 lindens
Calael pose (10 poses = 10 lindens)


Dress and headband from  BN DRESSES AND ACCESOIRES group gift
Necklace past freebie from glance list
Shoes from Amuse group gift

Not free
***10 lindens **
pink bangles from N@N@
***more than 100 ** 
hair from Truth
Pose from glitterati

Dress from Ecarlate group gift 
Hair from Dura group gift
Baby monkey shoes free at FabFree Station (baby monkey)*
Chum bracelet free from suscribo o matic at Miel)
Not free
Gloves   (the gloves where bought with a dress at gothicatz)
Earrings fromN@N@
Necklace chum at Miel
Pose "long hair" by Glitterati

Sorry for our late...