Saturday, July 9, 2011

Two urbans women(free/cheap)

(picture of Floutee)
Tunic from c'est la vie group gift (Floutee is wearing the top in two ways)
Hair  from truth district group gift (already blogged)
Pose (glitterati bridge ...pack of free poses at marketplace)

Dollarbie at marketplace
Stiletto (patula's shoes)
Earrings beauty code
Jean : FREE GIFT !! Cute Jean's Green _ Pack women(the jean has been changed. Floutee has detached some elements of the jean )

10 lindens
the necklace : berry.berry ultra lush green beaded necklace (promo) (marketplace)

The Picture below is the one of Anna05


Skin : a gift from Akeruka - Italian Creations, Akeruka
Join the group and pay 1 linden to the board

 Gladiator shoes already blogged (from Gabriel group)

 Hair   from true
Outfit and accessories  not free from BN DRESSES AND ACCESOIRES